Happy 41st birthday, Kristen Carroll Wiig!

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happy birthday, kristen wiig!

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       ♥ H a p p y   4 1 s t    B i r t h d a y   K r i s t e n    W i i g 
                                        (August 22, 1973)
"We all have that voice that says: ‘what are you doing this is a waste of time’, ‘you can’t do this’, ‘it’s not gonna be as good as the last time’, ‘why even try’. We just have to fight through it… And tell it to shut up and do it anyway."
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Happy Birthday, Kristen Wiig! (August 22, 1973)

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Happy 41st Birthday Kristen Wiig! (b. 22 August, 1973)

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Happy 41st birthday, Kristen Wiig!

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Happy Birthday, Kristen! (August 22nd, 1973)

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I’m gonna go to bed early today, well 1 am isn’t exactly what I would call early but compared to 3:30 am it is^^ Therefore good night you guys!

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Well over here it technically is Kristen’s birthday but for me a new day doesn’t start until I have slept so I’m not gonna post Kristen’s birthday edit until tomorrow ;)

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SCREENCAP MEME  |  juliet burke + hair porn  |  for 4am-miracle

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there is a major lack of sawyer/juliet fanfics nowadays and since I’ve read all of them 28473919156 times over, i’m dying for new ones. 


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Meanwhile in real life…

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Yeah that’s how a true queen does the ice bucket challenge

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How about “not yet”?

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get to know me meme: favorite female characters [1/7]

Victoria Chase

"Oh my God, is that Victoria Chase?"

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