Darrell Hammond Succeeding Don Pardo as 'SNL' Announcer | TheWrap


Love it.

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8/10 Favorite Female Characters - Juliet Burke

"Once upon a time, I told women that they were pregnant and their faces, it was the best news they ever got in their entire life. Then I came here. I’ve lost nine patients in the last three years. I’m helping you because I want to tell you that you and your husband got pregnant before you came here. I’m helping you because I wanna give good news again.”

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Happy 39th Birthday, Daniel Jason Sudeikis (b. 18.09.1975)

Being polite and grateful will make people more inclined to help you. And if people are willing to help you, you may accidentally get something you want.

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There’s celebrities you admire and then there’s that one. That little shit. That life ruiner that could strap ravenous tigers to their feet and use my spine as a catwalk and I’d still probably get down on my knees and thank them profusely for the opportunity.

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Hello Losties!
On September 22nd of this year will mark the 10th year anniversary of our beloved show LOST.  In order to show how much we appreciate the show despite it’s being gone for 4 years now, we have decided to hold an appreciation week celebration.
It will be from  September 22th to September 28th.
The prompts of the appreciation week follows:

  • day 1: favorite season (s)
  • day 2: favorite character (s)
  • day 3: favorite episode (s)
  • day 4: favorite relationship (s)
  • day 5: favorite quote (s)
  • day 6: favorite scenes (s)
  • day 7: whatever you want

Don’t forget to tag your work (graphics, gifs, videos, etc) with #lostaw, also don’t forget to use the main tag #lostedit and character names so everyone could see your wonderful work. Spread the word!

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The best thing about Bill Hader hosting SNL:


He’s hosting on October 11th. October 11th is the exact day that the show premiered. Bill Hader will be standing on home base in 8H doing his monologue live exactly 40 years after the show was done for the first time.  That just blows my mind and warms my heart

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ouat meme [1/10 characters] evil queen/regina mills

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Bill: When I did my goodbye as Stefon with me and Seth and everything, we were crying, we all started crying, and then what happened was I went out, I did my goodbye, I cried, and then Kristen… she didn’t tell me, I thought she was in LA, and I look, and she was standing there, she surprised me and she came and gave me a hug and I was like “bawwww— I love you.”

And Lorne was like, “You can stay, if you want.”

Jon: “(As Lorne) There’s plenty of room.”

Bill: “(As Lorne) I can give you whatever you want.”

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Mindblowing Gorgeous Tina Fey

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I wasnt ready bye

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Liz reminds me of a fangirl sometimes…

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