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"Dad always told us to stick together."

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The Californians

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Elizabeth Mitchell as a kid!

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Lost Bonus Features

Lost on Location: Namaste [x]
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Jesus that thunderstorm was insane. I thought the world was going to end and the power just went out for about half an hour and I’m pretty sure the message I was writing is lost because the battery on my laptop is still not working and it turned itself off -.-

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I found so many more new pictures of Elizabeth and I’m seriously crying right now

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Elizabeth’s friend also said that she starts shooting ouat later this week so I guess we can expect some set pictures soon :)

(But of course all that has to happen when I’m at a place where there will most likely be no wifi)

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Now I really can’t sleep anymore. I’m just sobbing and grinning like an idiot at the same time

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8 new pictures!!!!??!?*-* they’re obviously trying to kill us all….

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….aaand another new pic :’)

Excuse me while I lie here crying happy tears for the next half hour

She’s just so perfect

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6 new pictures of my angel!!!!?!

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Another new picture of Elizabeth!!!??!?! :)))) No wonder I’m not able to sleep….

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