Endless list of flawless people: Kristen Wiig

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Favorite real life friendships - Kristen Wiig & Bill Hader

B.H.: I can say it. I think she’s awesome. The thing about Kristen that always blows my mind—and other writers feel the same way—is that every week, she has a new move that no one has seen before. 
K.W.: Well, that’s how I feel about you, and that’s how a lot of people feel about you. I’m throwing it back at you. 
B.H.: Awkward pause. [Followed by actual awkward pause.] (x)

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Favorite real life friendships - Kristen Wiig & Maya Rudolph

MR: I just love her (Kristen) so much and I know she loves me

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My queens [1/..]: Kristen Wiig

"Don’t become something just because someone else wants you to, or because it’s easy; you won’t be happy. You have to do what you really really really really want to do, even if it scares the shit out of you."

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"At parties, I’ll start talking and notice everyone is looking at me and feel dumb and say, ‘Forget it,’ and then start eating things." - Kristen Wiig

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i still think its 2012

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ruleyorkcity: Rehearsing our scene @tinafey @amypoehler #TheNest #Movielife #Maven #FollowtheRules #UnRuly #GLC

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Hannibal Lecter visits Weekend Update

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Kristen Wiig & Miley Cyrus in SNL ‘s Rock-a-Billy facial cream commercial

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unic0rnii said: ooh viel Glück :D vielleicht ist es ja was gutes :)

Danke^^ Hoffe ich aber ich glaub dass das eher nichts gutes ist…Hab irgendwie ein ganz schlechtes Gefühl :/

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Happy first birthday to Winnie Rose Fallon!

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My uncle (the one I’m not getting along with that well anymore) just called me and asked if I could come over for dinner on Friday because they wanted to discuss something with me?? What could they possibly want to discuss with me? I’m not having a good feeling about this….

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